BJJ Gi For Kids


Here's IBJJF approved, ultra lightweight Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi for kids by Jayefo!

This true to size BJJ Gi is not only lightweight, but is also tear resistant. This means, from now on, your kid will be able to perform all of their amazing moves without the fear destroying their favorite uniform!

At Jayefo, we always strive to give our customers the best deal we can think of. That is exact reason why your kid will get a free white belt with this BJJ Gi which which will save you tons of time and money!

 The list does not end here: Jayefo's BJJ Gi for kids also comes with plenty of spaces where your kid can attach their Jiu Jitsu Academy's or their Sponsor's Patches.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 59 reviews
    Jennifer Recendez
    Wrong order

    I order a pink and black gi and I received a white one and only one gi from them. There’s no contact information to get in touch. Terrible customer service!!!!

    Derick Burton
    No Response

    I ordered a black and pink gi for my daughter. They sent a gray gi. I tried several time to contact and sent multiple emails with no response. This is the last item I will order from Jayefo.

    emily hepp

    My order only partially arrived, but was charged for the whole order. I have sent emails to costumer service with no response.

    Melissa Schaffer
    Love it!💞

    Great material. Excellent quality for the price. I only have one question….why is there a yellow section on the white Gi suit? Why not use the same material and make it white if it’s so it doesn’t split the pants? Or does it mean something? Like the white Gi is for tradition and purity.

    Diana Cheng
    Bad experience all around

    First of all, it took a really long time for order to come. Tried emailing with no response. Then when it finally came, they sent the wrong color. Again, the only way to reach them is by email. Still no response. Wouldn’t order from them again!

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