Lever Belt - 10 mm


Here's Jayefo's all new 10MM leather lever belt!

It's truly an ideal choice if you're looking for a great IPF legal lever belt at an affordable price.

This belt will help grasp your core in the best way to prevent possible injuries while doing squats, deadlifts & other exercises done with heavy weights.

Here's what makes this lever belt more than just a steal:

  • This belt has 5+ holes which make this lever belt fully adjustable.
  • This belt is 4" wide which holds your core perfectly and prevents daunting injuries.
  • This belt is hand stitched and was made with heavy-duty leather for great durability.
We are so confident in the quality this belt possesses that we offer you a lifetime warranty on this belt! Get it now & start training hard!

Customer Reviews

Based on 202 reviews
Worst company ever

This company says it takes 3-5 days shipping but I haven’t gotten a single update. They never reply to emails and have no phone number to contact. The company is poorly ran and does not care about their customer as well as stay true to their shipping date. Do not buy from this company they won’t respond to your email or ship your product.

Justin Nikolas Lunt
No contact

I have been trying to contact to return a belt that did not fit and I have tried multiple times to contact them and there is no possible way to reach out.

Alexander Rodriguez

Lever Belt - 10 mm

Mark Arbizu

Accidentally purchased the wrongs size but fits my sister perfectly so i ordered another. Highly recommend.

Agustin Banos
Not too sturdy, Not too flexible

This belt is my first lever belt that I’ve ever owned and it is has great reliability and just look great as well. I got the white belt and everything is still in great shape. I tried lifting with other lever belts that my friends would lend me and they were always either too stiff to the point where it would hurt my rib cage or it was too flexible to the point where it wasn’t helping me brace during my lift. However, this belt fits right in the middle of those two scenarios in my opinion.

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