Weightlifting Lever Belt

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 Presenting Jayefo's legendary 10MM weightlifing lever belt!

It's truly an ideal choice if you're looking for a great IPF legal lever belt at an affordable price.

This belt will help grasp your core in the best way to prevent possible injuries while doing squats, deadlifts & other exercises done with heavy weights.

Here's what makes this lever belt more than just a steal:

  • This belt has 5+ holes which make this lever belt fully adjustable.
  • This belt is 4" wide which holds your core perfectly and prevents daunting injuries.
  • This belt is hand stitched and was made with heavy-duty leather for great durability.
We are so confident in the quality this belt possesses that we offer you a lifetime warranty on this belt! Get it now & start training hard! 

1. How do I correctly size my lever belt?

Measure your waist at the level where you'll wear the belt and refer to our sizing guide. Remember, our belts are fully adjustable for a perfect fit.

2. What are the benefits of using this material in a lever belt?

It offers durability and flexibility, making it ideal for weightlifting. It's also a cruelty-free and environmentally friendly option.

3. How easy is it to adjust the tightness of the belt?

Our lever belt is designed for easy adjustment. You can quickly change the tightness to suit different exercises or comfort levels.

4. What's the best way to maintain my lever belt?

Wipe it with a damp cloth after use. Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture and store it in a cool, dry place.

5. Can this belt be used for all types of weightlifting exercises?

Yes, our lever belt is versatile and suitable for various weightlifting exercises, providing excellent support and comfort.

6. How long can I expect my lever belt to last?

With proper care, our belts are designed to last for years, even with frequent use.

7. If the lever on my belt breaks, how can I get it fixed?

Contact our customer service for assistance. We provide spare parts and guidance on how to replace the lever.

8. Are your lever belts competition legal?

Our belts comply with most powerlifting federation standards. However, we recommend checking the specific rules of your federation.

9. What makes your lever belt fully adjustable?

The belt features multiple notches and an adjustable lever mechanism, allowing for precise fit adjustments.

10. Can I customize the design or color of my lever belt?

We offer a range of colors and designs. Check our product page for customization options.

11. What's the return policy on the lever belt?

We accept returns within a specified period if the belt is in its original condition. Please refer to our return policy for more details.

12. Is the material sweat-resistant?

Yes, our material is designed to resist moisture and prevent sweat absorption, ensuring durability and hygiene.

13. Do you offer a warranty on the lever belt?

Yes, we provide a warranty covering any manufacturing defects. Please check our warranty terms on our website.

14. How does the lever closure system work on this belt?

The lever closure provides a secure and easy-to-use locking mechanism, ensuring the belt stays in place during your lifts.

15. What's the width and thickness of your lever belt?

Our belts are designed to meet standard powerlifting belt dimensions, providing optimal support without compromising comfort.

16. Can I use this belt for high-intensity workouts?

Absolutely, our lever belt is designed to withstand the rigors of high-intensity workouts and heavy lifting.

17. Is this belt suitable for daily training sessions?

Yes, its durability and adjustability make it ideal for daily use in various training routines.

18. How should I store the belt when not in use?

Store it in a dry, cool place, preferably laid flat to maintain its shape and prevent any creasing.

19. Are there different sizes available for different body types?

We offer a range of sizes to fit various body types. Check our sizing chart to find the right fit for you.

20. How can I ensure the belt remains in good condition over time?

Regular cleaning, proper storage, and avoiding extreme temperatures will help maintain the belt's condition over time.

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Customer service was impossible to reach. Took a month to reach and it arrived scratched up.

Decent, could be better.

The package came very late (months after ordering) with no contact until after delivery. The belt also smelled horrible, and I had to clean it and let it air out. However, it seems to be of good structural quality, and the lever functions well.


I was sent the wrong item and cannot get a response from the company. I have emailed several times for 2 weeks and no response. Would definitely not recommend ordering from them. Feel like I was scammed!!




Item came in used

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