R1 Boxing Gloves


  • Great for sparring, mitts work & heavy bag work.
  • 3 layers of gel padding.
  • Dual strap wrist grip.
  • Mesh palm reduces the chances of bacteria.
8 oz  81-100 lbs
10 oz 101-120 lbs
12 oz 121-150 lbs
14 oz 151-180 lbs
16 oz 180 lbs & up

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ricky Hall

The boxing gloves that I received were not what I ordered I ordered R1 boxing gloves I received totally different gloves all together they were not the right color they were defective they did not fit properly AT ALL I asked for a refund weeks ago I never heard anything from you guys and now you are asking me to do a review of your product. You will be hearing from my attorney. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY AT ALL

Brian Boyd
Jayefo R1's

I'm a 190lb Man and l loaded up on the bag with these 12 oz Youth gloves and were delighted. I coach the sport and will be buying 10
sets for our Youth class of 60lb thru 140lb. Having a lifetime warranty is the best selling point too.

James Quinn
Worth the Money

I belong to an MMA gym, I forgot my gloves one day and there were a pair of White Jayefo's on the rack, I picked them up, they were beat to all hell but when I put them on it felt good. They had been there for prolly about 2 years could barely read what the brand was. I usually rock a pair of Hayabusa's and if u know anything about gloves then you know its a good brand. Anyways eventually found out that they were Jays and I was shocked at the price. $20 So i bought a pair and I havent worn my Hayabusa's since. For $20 f dollars they are worth it.

Top quality for best price!! 2nd to none!!

I’ve bought more than 25 pairs , I originally had picked up a pair for myself . While I was putting them through my durability test I realized they were well made quality Product and didn’t hesitate to purchase 6 more pairs for my niece’s and nephews, then purchased about 20 pairs for my students . It hasn’t stopped there I like the brand quality so much I’ve gotten headgear and mitts .. thank you Jayefo

Victoria and Chris Nava
Worth buying instead of waisting money at Big 5 or somewhere else

First impressions when receiving the box it was light I started to question if it was the right oz Amazon sent but once opening box and seeing the gloves it was the correct oz and so I tested the gloves and WOW and I mean WOW how impressed I was with how light the gloves felt but also feeling the pad which felt heavier in a light weight sense plus such a more comfortable fit for my wrist didn’t feel no uncomfortableness

I can tell you this the fit on my wrist and the comfortableness of the glove itself, plus the padding on these gloves feel much more heavier then the Everlast gloves I bought at Big 5 for $34.99 plus tax, with these gloves I do much better throwing jabs and hooks and punching the bag.

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