Professional Hand Wraps

  • 💪USES | Jayefo’s Professional Hand Wraps Muay Thai Can Be Used By Men, Women, Youth For Mma , Boxing , Krav Maga, Heavy Bag , Kickboxing, Muay Thai Training. We Have Accurate Sizes with Extra Long Wrist Sleeve for Better Boxing Gloves Grip & Wrist Support.
  • 💪PADDED | Jayefo Punching Wraps Are Two Layers’ Gel Padded Giving You Extra Knuckle Protection During Intense Heavy Bag Training.
  • 💪MACHINE WASH | These Easy Boxing Hand Wraps Are Also Easy to Wash, Just Throw Your Jayefo Boxing Hand Wraps In Your Laundry They Will Come Out Fresh As New.
  • 💪WRIST WRAP | Our Men & Women Kickboxing Wraps Has A 36” Long Wrist Wrap for Ultimate Protection For Your Wrist During Martial, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai Fighting Training
  • 💪WARRANTY | We Offer 3 Years’ Warranty On These Boxing Wrist Wraps, Any Issues? Message Us We Have Got Your Purchase Covered With Replacement Or A Full Refund On These Speed Bag Gloves.

Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
Clent Cole
Garbage company do not buy anything

Ordered these and some gloves, received the wrong gloves and no handwraps... no customer service email, no phone number... basically got ripped off. Do not buy anything from this company.

Pedro Reyes
great padding, wrist support adequate, my fat fingers suffer a bit.

These work well but lack some wrist support, I've used them with added wraps just for the wrist and it is very good that way.

My index finger is too tight cutting the seam between index and middle finger worked very well for me.

Reviewed in Mexico on March 29, 2021

Precio y entrega antes de lo programado

Reviewed in the United States on January 24, 2021
You will have to buy more sooner than you want

Great for starters, the stitching sucks, I will have to re-do them so not to rip everywhere you have to velcro with the hand wrapping.

Reviewed in Mexico on July 13, 2021
Buenos por el precio

El gel es bueno, resiste el impacto sin problemas, caben perfectamente dentro de mis guantes de 16 Oz. El único pero que encuentro es que rozan un poco en los dedos pero nada mayor

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